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Bubble Ball is the latest craze in the field of sports and recreation. The game is a playful kind of football in which participants wear a large plastic ball that serves as a pad, with which you can push, bump and roll. Football with a Bubble Ball is a great experience and is ideal for corporate events, team building events and group outings! The ball is simply inflated by the means of our high pressure pump . Then, the player gets in the ball and the game can begin!

The game
The game

The Extra Dimension

Of Humor and Sportivity

Bubble Ball is sporty, great to play and hilarious to watch. A football match in a Bubble Ball gives a whole new dimension to the game, because players often have to push each other to get to it. The large plastic ball protects the players from injuries. By means of our high pressure pump, the ball is easily and quickly filled with air.

Handles and belts

The best belts available

Our Bubble Ball has two handles and straps which provide the player with extra stability
and control. In addition, the belts ensure that the participant is tightly secured.

We have created the highest quality Bubble Ball shoulder belts, by connecting it twice to the ball.

The game

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Material, Size and Colour

The Bubble Ball is available in various sizes, for either children and adults. For participants until about 1.65 meters, the Bubble Ball of 1.2 diameter is suitable. For players larger than 1.65 meters, the Bubble Ball of 1.5 diameter should be used. In addition, the ball is available in different designs, colours and materials.

The game
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